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Cost Per Lead is a widely used online advertising pricing model and another service offered by Logelite to our clients to measure how significant their marketing efforts have been so far. The Cost Per Lead pricing model focuses on paying an amount to the publisher only if the visitors turn into your Lead by showing up more significant interest in your product or service by filling a contact form or signing up for an email newsletter or participating in your surveys etc. This service is incredibly beneficial for those businesses which acquire fewer chances of direct sale through the website. And the great news lies in the fact that we have a dedicated team for this, which not only knows how to capitalize on this facility but also how businesses can use our expertise to get those databases piled with potential customers. Come and join this plan of Logelite to make your business reach directly to the customers looking for a business just like yours.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

  • 1. Browse Our Directory Of Participating Sites And Use Our Keyword Tool To Target The Ones That Are Appropriate For Your EBay Item(s).
  • 2. Choose Your Geographical Targeting, To Only Show Your Ads To Users From Specific Locations.
  • 3. Set Your Max Bid And Budget.
  • 4. Choose Any Of Your EBay Items.
  • 5. Your Ad Is Created Automaticaly.
  • 6. Your Ad Runs On The Categories You Have Selected.

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